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31.  The purpose of this code of conduct is to lay down guidelines for conduct by members of the Alpine Club of Pakistan. It would be applicable to all categories of the membership during the course of any activity organised by the Club or is related to the Club. All Club members shall abide by this code in good spirit and intention for ensuring privileges, safety and comradeship of other Club members. Non compliance of any of the code of conduct will make the defaulting member liable for disciplinary action including termination of the membership. Breach of the code may be reported upon by any member, however  burden of proof shall lay on the reporting member. The Executive Council shall remain the final authority on investigation of the violation of conduct and take disciplinary action against the defaulter member as deemed fit commensurate with the circumstances and degree of violation of this code of conduct. Serious violations involving theft, inflicting injuries and all crimes punishable under Pakistan Penal Code will be dealt with under the relevant provisions of Pakistan Penal Code. All members shall sign to this Code of Conduct whose articles are:-

31.1.    Adherence to the Causes and Objectives of the Club  All members shall adhere to the causes and objectives of the Club i.e., promotion of mountaineering and mountain related activities in Pakistan. On no account any act to oppose or counter these objectives in way of expression, written or otherwise, shall be undertaken by any member. Activities detrimental to the causes of the Club shall be avoided. All efforts shall be made by the Club members to uphold the prestige and honour of the Club, both within the country and abroad.

31.2.    Participation in the Club Activities  All members shall participate in the Club activities and functioning as and when called for such participation. In case of non availability, the effected member shall intimate the Secretary of the Club in writing the reason for his non availability for the specific function or activity. It may please be noted that all participation is without any remuneration unless specified.  

31.3.    Payment of Club Dues.  All  the Club dues including any penalties etc shall be cleared within the prescribed time frame. The renewal fees must be paid by February each year.

31.4.    Moral Conduct   The members shall not indulge in any act reflecting moral or character failing during the course of the conduct of the Club activities organised by the Club or related with the Club. 

31.5.    Compliance with the Decisions of the Executive Council. All members will comply with the decisions taken by the Executive Council. Any disagreements can be brought  to the notice of the Executive Council in writing, which will give consideration to the matter. However decision taken by the Executive Council  shall be final and binding.

31.6.    Honouring of the Commitments. All members are obliged to fulfill their commitment made to the Club functionaries regarding all spectrum of Club activities including conduct of training and other Club activities. Violation of this code shall be considered as a serious violation of this code of conduct.

31.7.    Respect to the Fellow Members and Avoidance of Unbecoming Behavior  Each Club member shall treat other Club member with respect, dignity and honour. Use of violent behavior including altercation, insinuations of indecent kind, vulgarity, obscenity, verbal and physical abuse and assault, unruly and aggravated behaviour, any other act amounting to unbecoming of a member, damage to other members property during the course of Club activities shall be considered as a serious violation of this code of conduct. Special respect towards female members would be exercised. Sportsmen spirit shall be displayed at all times.

31.8.    Behavior during Course of Training Activities and Expeditions Special care would be exercised by all Club members during the course of expeditions and training activities to ensure his safety, safety of other comrades in all situations and safety and integrity of the equipment being used. Any willful violation will liable the defaulting member to face registration of case with the local Police under Pakistan Penal Code. 

31.9.    Divulgence of the Physical and Medical Fitness Information.  Each member shall divulge all information regarding his Physical and Medical fitness in the interest of his own safety and security and that of fellow members. The Club functionaries will keep the information classified and shall not divulge it. How the information will be utilised while selecting the member for specific Club activities.

31.10.  Divulgence of Other Information    Each member shall divulge complete information to the Club as asked for in the membership form and later as and when required for by the Club. Each member shall be responsible for the correctness and accuracy of information provided by him. Each member shall provide the Club with his latest home/work address and telephone contact number. It shall be incumbent upon the members to intimate changes in any information supplied by them to the Club. It may be understood that incorrect information may create problems for the members at a later stage.

31.11.  Press Statements and Media Coverage. All Members can not speak on behalf of the Club or express their views on Club activities or personal grievances though press and electronic media, unless authorised by President or the Executive Council. This, however is not applicable to personal articles or media coverage for promoting the Club activities, avoiding any expression negating the objectives of the Club.

31.12.  Influencing the Decision Making and Other Activities of the Club. No member shall approach any higher offices or the various Government officials or use any other means to influence functioning and decision making by the Club functionaries for his own interest. No member shall indulge in giving or accepting bribe in any Club matter.

31.13.  Interference in  the Club Activities. No member shall interfere or hinder the Club activities at any cost. No member shall make any disturbance in the normal proceedings of the Club activities including various meetings. It will constitute a serious violation of the code of the conduct.

31.14.  Use of Drugs  Any member found using drugs or found party to drug sale or possession shall be expelled from the Club besides action under the Law of the Land.

31.15.  Complaints and Redress of Grievances  Member having any complaint against functioning of the Club officials and the Executive Council , their decision on any matter or complaint against any fellow member can approach President ACP for redress of his grievances. The President ACP shall consider the complaint on merit and investigate the matter through his sources or may seek help from the members of the Executive Council. If need be the application may be brought up for discussion in the Executive Council meeting which may involve appearance of both the parties to listen to their point of view. Decision taken by the President ACP or the Executive Council on the application shall be final and binding.  

31.16.  Miscellaneous .

31.16.1.  Punctuality Each member shall ensure punctuality of the appointed date and time in his/her attending of the Club activities.

31.16.2.  Dress and Equipment  Each member shall wear suitable dress and equipment as required of the situation. Ofendable dresses shall be avoided . Due respect to the female members of the Club shall be kept in view while selecting the dress type.

31.16.3.  Care of Club Equipment  Any Club equipment taken on loan for the Club or personal activity shall be returned in the same condition when obtained from the Club. Proper care shall be exercised by all to see that no damage occurs to the Club equipment. Damages or loss of the Club equipment shall be duly penalised from the member taking charge of the equipment. Any theft, damage or loss during the Club activities shall be investigated and reported upon by the Incharge of the activity.

31.16.4.  Return of Club Library Books  It is mandatory for the members to return the books obtained from the Club library. Extension in the loan period may be granted by the Club Secretary on merit of the case. Damage or loss to the books shall be the responsibility of the defaulter member. Damage or loss shall have to be make good either through replacement or payment of the cost of the book at the discretion of the Club Secretary.

31.16.5.  Ceremonies    Due deference shall be observed for all Club ceremonies.

31.17. Environmental Preservation All members would give due care for  the local environmental care and follow the Club Environmental Code during the course of Club activities. Garbage and human body waste shall be suitably disposed without polluting water sources including  crevasses. Preservation of local flora and fauna shall be ensured. Cutting of trees during the course of any Club activity is forbidden.

31.18.  Suggestions and Recommendations.  All members are duty bound to give their suggestion and recommendations for the improvement of the Club functioning and its activities. The Club functionaries shall give these due consideration and intimate the concerned member of the results or progress of their suggestions/recommendations.

31.19.  Interpretation of the Clauses. The interpretation of the above clauses shall be made in good spirit and intention. The interpretation of  the Executive Council shall remain final and binding.